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binds aa22: was your ISP doing a port redirection (eg http -> 8080)? or something? aa22: are you behind a router, and does the traffic start after you've connected to the internet, or beforehand? Oh, sorry yeah I'm behind a router. Is that a problem? nacc and daftykins: I think I understand what the problem is. nacc: it seems that even though I connect, it never tries to get out to the internet aa22: ok L0rdl1ght: port 8080? if it's behind the router, then the router is forwarding to port 80. that wouldn't be a port forwarding issue then Yup aa22: so do you have an ipv4 address? So, like, the thing I'm running isn't even accepting incoming connections? L0rdl1ght: "ping 8080" would show it is even getting to your machine then nacc: I get a bunch of dhcp requests, then it goes off line aa22: ok, so your dhcp server isn't doing the proper port forwarding nacc: it seems like it is... nacc: it's one of the services on the server I'm sorry, I'm a linux newb, what do you mean by "ping"? I'm not familiar with that term. L0rdl1ght: by "ping 8080" you run 'ping 8080' so you can see what comes back nacc: my server is from Comcast so I was hoping that they would have that info I see, okay. So, I just type that into terminal? aa22: you can ask them. L0rdl1ght:




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Ivona Reader Crack Key (Updated 2022)

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